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Ways the Average American Family Can Help Save Our Planet

Below is a list of websites where you can get valuable information about how to help do your part to save our planet. Whether it’s how to conserve water or how to earn tax credits the links below will help you be a better steward of our natural resources and you’ll save money all at the same time. These links are courtesy of Kathleen Carter with Educator Labs in Cary, NC. Visit for more info about this organization.

Recycling Basics

40 Tips To Go Green At Home

Make Your Home into a “Green” Energy Machine

Conserving Water

The Guide to Green Plumbing

Energy Efficient Tax Credits, Rebates and Financing

Financial Incentives for Green Home Improvements

The Green Parent: Your Kid-Friendly Guide to Earth-Friendly Living

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Sustainable Living

Raleigh Is Fit

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.24.03 AMNot bad Raleigh! According to the American Fitness Index, Raleigh ranks as the 15th fittest metropolis in the U.S. The study, done by the American College of Sports Medicine, is based on health behaviors including smoking, exercise, obesity rates, chronic health problems, and access to health care. It also takes into account the environment, including things like the availability of parks and recreational facilities, walking trails, and farmers’ markets. Raleigh has plenty of parks and a fantastic greenway system, and has taken other steps such as banning smoking in many public spaces to increase overall health. Visit USA Today for the full list!

Most Americans Want Solar Energy

Most Americans Want Solar Energy

Go Big And Bold With Color